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David Klow is the founder and owner of Skylight Counseling Center and Skylight Healing Center in Chicago. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and author. 

David's unique experience of working with countless individuals, couples and families allows him to bring rich insight into the lives of modern people.

As an author, David takes readers into a sacred process of better knowing who they are and learning how to live a more fulfilling life.

Inspiration for the Weary Therapist: A Practical Clinical Companion 

by David Klow

Inspiration for the Weary Therapist is a companion for the modern practitioner. Addressing a diverse audience and written by a master clinician and supervisor, Inspiration for the Weary Therapist helps modern therapists traverse the complicated landscape of practicing therapy in the age of COVID.

Instead of a heavy, theoretical approach that can leave the already exhausted therapist feeling more overwhelmed, this book from Routledge Press guides readers through challenging professional situations, soothes them during upsetting clinical moments, and encourages them to keep going during changing times. Rather than teaching mental health professionals how to practice, this book helps them believe in themselves again and reconnect with their confidence as clinicians through increased self-compassion and personal growth.

This practical and helpful guide is essential reading for all mental health practitioners who are searching for inspiration and motivation and who want to reconnect to what it means to be a therapist.


You Are Not Crazy: Letters From Your Therapist 

by David Klow

People today live in psychological bubbles. They think that they are the only ones who experience what they do. They think that they are crazy, yet do not realize that everyone around them is having quite similar experiences.

This book, from Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, ends this psychological isolation. It helps people realize that they are not the only ones who have strange thoughts or behave inconsistently.

Psychotherapist David Klow brings deep insight, wisdom, and warmth to this process as he helps readers find new understanding about themselves. Through a series of heartfelt letters to his patients, he relates timeless and impactful information that normalizes life’s struggles.


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You Are Not Crazy

In these letters from your therapist, David Klow offers warmth, wisdom and insight that helps people live healthier and more effective lives.  

This unique opportunity to eavesdrop into the inner lives of those in therapy allows for greater understanding of life's various challenges. 


What People Are Saying

Arthur C Nielsen, MD

Professor of Psychiatry 

Inspiration for the Weary Therapist is a delight to read! It richly delivers on Klow’s promise to fill the gaps in a therapist’s formal training, combat burnout, and offer practical suggestions from his many years of clinical work and supervision. Therapists of all experience levels will find pearls of wisdom and telling clinical examples in these pages.

Alexandra Solomon, PhD

Psychologist & Author

You are not crazy. And you are not alone. Open yourself to the lessons offered in this book—lessons about pain and possibility, trauma and recovery, anger and forgiveness. You will be so glad you did. David has written a book which lifts the cloud of mystery and misunderstanding about asking for help.

Vienna Pharaon, LMFT

Relationship Expert

You Are Not Crazy is a touching collection of honest and heartfelt letters written by David Klow to his clients. The book offers the readers a powerful look into the confronting issues many of us share, while also giving the readers a peek into the internal experience and processing of the therapist.
Inspiration for the Weary Therapist is just that and more. David Klow, a superb therapist and supervisor, offers precisely the sort of book that therapists and students in the mental health fields need. Sagaciously, Klow’s overarching theme lies in helping readers to find and retain their own therapeutic voice, even in these trying times.

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David Klow, Speaker & Presenter

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David Klow is an experienced and dynamic presenter who not only speaks to the audience’s unique pain points and challenges, but also offers practical tools and insights that open up new possibilities for those in attendance. As a speaker, David helps uplift participants to find new insights and strategies to manage life's challenges.


David presents to corporations, small businesses, organizations, schools, and to fellow therapists to help them learn new social and emotional tools and techniques that improve relationships, productivity, and social impact. 


David's unique and empathic approach to audience engagement makes him an effective presenter at groups and organizations that wish to move forward towards new ways of operating. Combining psychoeducation and experiential learning, participants leave David's presentations with a new framework and awareness that shape how they lead themselves and others.


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