You Are Not Crazy: Letters from Your Therapist

by David Klow

This book is a true battle map for your business! It will lay out all the wisdom and knowledge by this decorated US Army colonel. Management skills, gathered across the battlefields and army stations.

All for helping you to become efficient and disciplined. As much, as an army officer should be when fellowmen's lives are concerned!

Mr. Sterling's advice will teach to you to apprehend your business management likewise to army management. Because your business battles do concern your life and your employees' way of life!

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About the Author



David Klow is the founder and owner of Skylight Counseling Center in Chicago. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,

This unique experience of leadership translated into commanding level of his business consulting career.

Now, 7 years since it founding, his "Lexi Nova" business consulting centre advises Fortune 500 companies. Giving his guru advice on their strategic and tactical business operations.

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Decorated marine, with a combat and command experience, he ordered and followed hundreds of soldiers into victorious battles and special operations during his career.

This unique experience of leadership translated into commanding, guru level of his business consulting career.


What People Say

Arthur C Nielsen, MD

Professor of Psychiatry 

In this book packed with wisdom and insightful advice, Klow delivers on his
promise to help people realize that though they may be suffering in silence, they are
neither “crazy” nor unique, and that a therapeutic journey like the ones he offers his
clients might be just the answer to their problems.

As a seasoned therapist who secretly
enjoys reading advice columns, I found this book a real page turner, as it offers sensible
advice to people with problems ranging from unfinished business with parents, to
breaking up with lovers, to finding meaning in life, and pretty much everything in

Whether you are thinking of entering psychotherapy or just looking to see how
an expert approaches some of life’s thorny problems, this book will give you a taste of
what that self-transformative journey might look like, and you may just recognize
yourself in one or more of the book’s excellent case vignettes.

Arthur Nielsen, MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Feinberg School of Medicine,
Northwestern University, and faculty member at The Chicago Institute for
Psychoanalysis and The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Arnold Poskowitz


" My law firm suffered severe downtime and revenue loss, while I've been serving in the Navy 2006-2011. But as soon as I returned home and I've read this book upon my friend's recommendation, I was able to utilize all these strategic tips and tricks and structure my company the right way again! "

Jeffrey Neddery

SMB Owner

" It's been a hard time for SMB sector after the Great Recession hit us in 2008... But luckily I read these series of strategic business advice books and was able to coordinate a well-executed business development strategy. All thanks to this book! "

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    " Good business strategy always includes set of tactics. "


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    " If you are executing a newly written business development strategy - always have backup plans - B to Z."


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    " Never underestimate your loyal, returning customers. Especially when re-branding your company. "


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